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Paul Dateh

"I Wish You Love" performed by Paul Dateh, Ken Belcher, Esna Yoon

The Mighty Kate

CD Release party at Poisson Rouge 2/8/2010

John Patitucci

Introducing The Realist SoundClip

Paul Dateh

Nickelodeon Halo Awards with his RV5

The Contrabass Shoppe

Ted Moniac shows how to install The Realist Copperhead Bass Pick-up

Fiddlerman (Fiddlershop)

Fiddlerman shows the benefits of the RV5.

Fein Violins

A nice review of the RV. She says that it is made by "Steinberger." David Gage, Ned Steinberger's co-designer, forgives her.

Adam DeGraff

Adam ( of The Dueling Fiddlers reviews the RV.

Sam Ash (Dave Wong)

Sam Ash presentation of the RV Standard Series

Sam Ash

Sam Ash's presentation of The Realist Docking Station

Sam Ash

Sam Ash presents the Realist Copperhead pick-up from bass

Sam Ash (Dave Wong)

Sam Ash presents The RV Pro Series.

Sam Ash

Sam Ash presents The Realist SoundClip

Sam Ash (Dave Wong)

Sam Ash and Dave Wong present the Realist Coppherhead pick-up for violin.

String Magazine Review of The LifeLine

David Gage LifeLine Bass Pickup

Ernst Reijseger

"Down Deep" with the The New Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra