About the Realist

To overcome the limitations of microphones and traditional piezo transducers, The Realist Acoustic Transducer reads off of the instrument's tone-producing structures. On most instruments, tone is produced by a resonating "top" or "table." Using piezo ceramics encased in a thin copper element, The Realist is pressed tightly against the instrument's table, giving it the ability to sense every nuance of the tone produced there. The Realist focuses on the core of the instrument's sound to bring you a sound that can only be described as "the most real™."

The Realist is simple. The element is wired directly to a gold-plated output jack, providing virtually lossless conduction of the piezos' signal. Colored and textured with the acoustic quality of the instrument, The Realist's signal need not be run through a pre-amp. Plugged directly into an amp or soundboard, The Realist is easily amplified without sacrificing natural acoustic color. It takes hours of practice to draw your sound out of your instrument. With The Realist, your voice can be heard more accurately through an amplifier. Both recording engineers and professional musicians have been astonished by The Realist's tone and response when installed on instruments that are plucked, bowed, or strummed.

Finally, you can play your instrument as you normally would, without having to stop and adjust your amp.